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Knowleswood Primary win second West Yorkshire Primary Panathlon

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Posted 6th February 2017

Knowleswood Primary won the second West Yorkshire Primary Panathlon at the brand new Huddersfield Leisure Centre last week.

The Bradford-based school saw off competition from 11 other teams across all five county districts in the event supported by Yorkshire Sport Foundation.

Knowleswood defeated runners up St Augustine’s from Calderdale as well as competition from Leeds, three other Bradford schools, four teams from Kirklees and two from Wakefield on a fantastic day of sporting action involving 102 disabled young people across 16 schools.

Aaron Daniel Davis, a pupil at Knowleswood, said: “This is real ace – I can’t believe we won.  Today, I love my life!”

Samuel Wade, teacher at Knowleswood, said: “What an amazing day and a real joy to be part of it. I can’t believe it, the kids can’t believe it. I thought the atmosphere in the hall was super and team spirit was in abundance.”

Dawn Kellett, a lead teacher of runners-up St. Augustine’s, said: “The event was fantastic. What an experience being with so many others. The activities are well planned, adapted for all abilities and coupled with it being a competitive experience, which children don’t normally get. Finishing second topped it all off.”


1st Knowleswood (Bradford) 96

2nd St Augustine’s (Calderdale) 85

3rd Girlington/Lidget Green (Bradford) 73

4th Lowerfields (Bradford) 71

5th Ireland Wood (Leeds) 70

6th Fearnville (Bradford) 70

7th Moorlands (Kirklees) 69

8th Kingsland 1 (Wakefield) 57

9th Reinwood (Kirklees) 55

10th Castle Hill/Dalton/Newsome (Kirklees) 53

11th Rowley Lane/Denby/Thurston Lane (Kirklees) 48

12th Kingsland 2 (Wakefield) 38

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