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Club in the Spotlight – Leeds City Korfball Club

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Posted 7th February 2017

Our next Club in the Spotlight is Leeds City Korfball Club.

Although initially based in Bradford, the club moved to Leeds in 2000. Since then, they have grown from strength to strength, expanding from one to three teams and also gaining strong links with both the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University.

The club has just been accredited by England Korfball as part of their “England Korfball Inspired” scheme.

Korfball is a truly mixed-sex sport, with teams comprising of an equal split between male and female players. The sport originated from a Dutch school teacher in 1902, the Dutch word ‘Korf’ literally translating to English as ‘basket’.

We asked Club President Graham Smith a few questions about Leeds City Korfball Club.

What is the best thing about your club?

The friendly but competitive nature we have as a club. Our four teams have a real range in ability and attitude, with our first team focused on playing great korfball and winning, down to our 4th team just being about having fun and getting better at your own pace. There’s only pressure to succeed if you want there to be!

What are you most proud of at your club?

We have almost a quarter of our members as active committee members and we try to expand this each year. I’m so proud that we try to include as many different people in various volunteering roles throughout the year alongside this (with tournament managers and shot clock assistants).

Do you have any upcoming activities or events?

We’ll be going to a tournament in February held by Leeds Uni that is great for finding out what real korfball games are about, and for meeting other teams and people who enjoy korfball from around the UK.

How do new members get involved?

Just drop in! Our Monday sessions are better for beginners initially, but we’re happy for anyone to turn up to either session – Monday at Notre Dame College or Wednesday at the University of Leeds. Feel free to message us on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at leedskorfball@gmail.com.

What makes your club unique?

We’re probably the only true mixed-sex sports club in Leeds – we HAVE to have men and women playing together. We also have a friendly and accepting attitude of every person’s ability.

Why is your club important to you?

I was not a particularly sporty person before I started playing korfball, but I love it, and I have made some genuine lifelong friends from the club. It keeps me occupied for a good six months of the year and I don’t know what I would do without korfball! Leeds City KC has been a brilliant club that has made me feel that my opinion is valued and worthwhile.


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