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Winter tennis flourishes in Sheffield

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Posted 22nd September 2017

The Lawn Tennis Association joined up with Sheffield City Council to improve tennis offerings across the city. The project is part of a nationwide improvement programme, Transforming British Tennis Together, which sees the LTA working in partnership with local government, people and businesses.

Currently, over a third of possible playing hours are lost due to rain as only 7% of Britain’s 23,000 courts have covers and darkness also hinders play as only 1 in 7 park courts have floodlights.

One of the main aims of Sheffield City Council and the LTA working together was to remove some of the seasonal barriers to participation so that the sport could be played all year round. Over the last three years, 24 courts across six park venues in Sheffield along with a local sports centre have benefitted from a £1.5 million investment. As a result, there has been a 54% uplift in the number of people playing the sport since 2015.

The LTA has committed to investing £125 million to improve facilities across the country and is encouraging local communities to come together and register their interest to receive funding.

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