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YSF welcome commitment to sport and physical activity in schools

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Posted 13th February 2019

Yorkshire Sport Foundation welcomes the call from Mims Davies MP, Minister for Sport, to place more emphasis on physical literacy in schools.

Davies was speaking at the launch of the UK Sport Future Strategy, where she said that sport and physical activity must be “put on a par with reading and writing.”

Nigel Harrison, CEO of Yorkshire Sport Foundation, commented: “We have long been advocates of the value of PE and school sport, not only in creating active habits, but also in the role it can play in improved attendance, attainment and, most importantly, the overall health and wellbeing of a child.

“There are schools where this is already the case across South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, and we are pleased to be recognising a number of these as Centres of Excellence for PE and School Sport.

“We believe that school-to-school support is the most effective method to deliver sustainable improvement.  By working with these schools, it allows expertise and best practice to be shared across the two counties.

“We have also recently employed a new member of the team to working alongside our Development Manager for PE and School Sport to, amongst other things, improve the response rates to the Active Lives survey within schools, so there is a more accurate picture of the activity levels of children. We’re also pleased to have one of The Daily Mile Local Coordinators as part of our team.  Along with improving fitness levels, initiative such as The Daily Mile have other proven benefits such increased concentration levels and social skills.”

“The first figures released were alarming – 36% of children across the two counties are doing less than 30 minutes activity in a day. This showed that whilst there are lots of good people and initiatives within the school system, there is still plenty of scope to do far more.

“Schools play an important role in creating active habits.  We will continue to drive this agenda, working with active school groups and other partners. Every child should leave primary school on course for a physical activity habit for life.”

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