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Walk, jog or run your way to a healthier school!

The more physical activity pupils do, the healthier they will be.

But did you know that a large amount of evidence exists which shows a link between physical activity and:

  • Test results
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased concentration
  • Better developed social skills

But the school day is busy enough already, so how do you find time to do more?

The 1K-A-Day programme provides more accessible and less competitive options for those pupils who do not take part in traditional team sports and at the same time fits more physical activity into the day.

By walking, jogging or running just one kilometre a day, pupils could increase their time spent being active by over an hour a week. As the activity only takes approximately 10 minutes per day, there is very little disruption to the rest of the school day.

You can read our 1k-a-Day Impact Report.

The 1K-A-Day package includes:

  • Large daily tracker wall chart per class
  • Trophy for the highest achieving class (one per school)
  • Reward stickers
  • Teacher’s ‘How-to’ guide
  • USB stick with lesson plans to incorporate 1K-A-Day into English, maths, science, PE and PSHE lessons (one per school)

£30 (+VAT) per class

To place an order, simply complete our online form.

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