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CEO welcomes NICE recommendations

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Posted 4th January 2019

Yorkshire Sport Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Harrison, has welcomed the recommendations of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) reported today.

NICE has released five quality statements referring to a range of ways to encourage physical activity in the general population, including the role of planners and local authorities in prioritising pedestrians and cyclists when designing transport networks.

“Planners can play a significant role in changing people’s activity habits by making roads more user friendly for people to walk and cycle as opposed to taking the car,” said Nigel.

“It’s integrating physical activity into people’s daily lives that will make a real difference to activity levels, and it’s something we will continue to advocate for on behalf of the sector in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.”

“There’s already some great collaborative work going on across West and South Yorkshire;  the Cycle Superhighway between Leeds and Bradford; Doncaster’s walking strategy aims to make walking an integral part of everyday life; the Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, Dan Jarvis, is committed to active travel, which are just three examples of this.

“We also know there is lots more to do. Nearly 30% of people across West and South Yorkshire do less than 30 minutes activity a week.

“So if you live, work or volunteer in West Yorkshire or South Yorkshire and have a view or contribution to put forward that will enable more people to be more active as part of their daily lives, and, in doing so, be happier and healthier, we’d love to hear from you.”

The draft guidelines are open for public consultation until February 1 2019.

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