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The YSF Podcast – Demonstrating impact

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Posted 23rd October 2019

In episode three of ‘The YSF Podcast’, we talk impact with Chris Bailey, Head of Sheffield United Community Foundation.

The episode looks at how the Foundation are now putting the data they gather from participants to better use, helping them to demonstrate social value and make them a more efficient and focussed organisation.

Chris discusses how they first got involved with the DataHub system from 4Global, the process of opening up their data, and how it has changed what they do and how they demonstrate their impact.

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“We know that we do a lot of work in the community and deliver a lot of projects, but so what?  What does that actually mean and how can we lift the information out of that and present it in a way that is easily digestible and actually means something to the people of Sheffield,” Chris explains.

“The bigger picture is about impact and legacy.  We’re only a young organisation in a lot of respects, so over the last decade we’ve been trying to build our impact and we starting to leave a legacy.  We’re seeing young people who may have engaged with us in the early days coming through to adulthood.

“We’re trying to capture that in various different formats.  We talk about stats and engagement figures, and we can move that on to social value.  So a young person who engaged with us ten years ago and worked with us on a variety of projects and programmes – what’s the impact been on them as an individual, and the wider impact on the community; the services in the city; have we made a mark on social value and made a difference to the wider city by engaging with that one person.

“For every person we do engage with, there’s a wider footprint, and we’ve now actually got the data to evidence that.”

Chris is joined by Emma Gooch, Data and Insight Manager at Yorkshire Sport Foundation, who explains the ‘what’ and ‘how’ around the DataHub system, and how other organisations can get involved.

For more information on how DataHub can support your organisation, click HERE.

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