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The Daily Mile Destinations has arrived!

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Posted 18th November 2019

A brand new resource to support schools deliver The Daily Mile has been launched.

More than 150 schools have already signed up to receive The Daily Mile Destinations resource pack for free, designed by The Daily Mile local coordinators at Yorkshire Sport Foundation and GreaterSport.

Classes travel the world as they complete each of their daily miles, stopping off at various destinations on the way.  Each school is provided with a wall map, a set of markers and passports for each class, plus stickers.  Teachers have the option to make use of fact sheets on each of the destinations to incorporate it into their curriculum, or just as a bit of fun.

For more information on ‘The Daily Mile Destinations’, watch the video below or go to www.yorkshiresport.org/TheDailyMile where you can sign up to receive the resource for free.

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