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A message from Nigel

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Posted 18th March 2020

We know all our partners and colleagues are working hard over this period to react to the rapidly changing circumstances.

We’d like to offer our best wishes and support to them all as they consider actions that were unthinkable only a few weeks ago.

During this initial period our attention has been, and will continue to be, on three main priorities:

1. Keeping our team healthy and ensuring they are able to offer a service to partners

Following Monday’s advice to work from home, all our staff are now doing so. In line with the advice on social distancing, we have stopped all face-to-face meetings and increased our capacity for virtual meetings so conversations can still take place, where it’s appropriate to do so given changing priorities.

2. Supporting the sector and others

We have made the commitment to make agreed payments to delivery organisations, regardless of the stage of delivery.  We’ve also cancelled all events in the short-to-medium term, including School Games festivals.

Our role is to support partners in the sector, and that doesn’t change. We will support you in any way we can, including the service of sharing information to ease decision making and increasing awareness of the response across the two counties we operate in.

When the time is right, and through formal initiatives, we are encouraging our team to seek ways they can help the wider community to support those most in need.

3. Promoting physical activity at home

With more and more people working from home – some for the first time – and self-isolation due to illness, we will be promoting the message of need for regular physical activity to remain healthy.

We are gathering and promoting examples of good and innovative practice that people can adopt at their home, garden and wider community that respects the need for social distancing.

In addition to our core values we have agreed the following principles that will guide our work over this period and we feel it is worth sharing with others:

– the health and well-being of our colleagues and their families will be paramount. We want all colleagues to be comfortable in how they work and will trust their own decision making and actions

– we will be guided by Government advice at all times, recognising that we need to listen and respond to national and local public health specialists

– we will be open and honest in our communication and will do our best to keep people informed of any changes taking place

– we will carry on business as far as possible

– we recognise there is often no “wrong and right” and we will make decisions with the best available information at that time

– we recognise that everyone will have their own opinion and views which will be listened to

– we recognise we would rather run the risk of “over-communicating” with our colleagues rather than not communicating enough

We would like to say again to our partners and friends that we are there to help them as much as we can. Please do let us know how we can do that better.

Nigel Harrison
Yorkshire Sport Foundation, Chief Executive


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