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Sport England launch Autumn and Winter activity toolkit

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Posted 5th October 2020

To help you inspire and motivate the people in your communities to return to play and be physically active, Sport England have produced an Autumn and Winter Activity Toolkit that’s packed with resources and information for those who provide activity. 

It brings together the latest advice and guidance as to what is and isn’t allowed and a range of assets to help your organisation engage with your audience. You can use the materials as they are or adapt them with local imagery and calls to action.

Sport England said: “Our message is simple – being active and playing sport, where appropriate, is good for your physical health and good for your mental health and being as fit as possible right now is a great way to deal with illness and viruses.

“Though there are restrictions in many places (regional restrictions can be found on the government’s website here)  this doesn’t mean that grassroots sport and physical activity cannot happen – in fact many activities are back up and running with additional safety measures in place.

“But we know that people are feeling anxious about taking part in sport and activity and some people are worried generally about being around others.

“That’s why we want to continue providing support and advice to help people feel comfortable to be as active as possible at this time.  We also want to make sure that our community understands what is and isn’t allowed at this time.”

The toolkit also connects you to the best and most recent insight about the way people are feeling about sport and physical activity in the current climate, as well as how you can join up with our three existing campaigns, This Girl Can, We are Undefeatable and Join the Movement.

Resources available include:

Read more at Sport England news page


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