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The YSF Podcast: Closing the gender sports gap in schools

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Posted 20th January 2021

A primary school in Barnsley who has challenged gender stereotypes in sport are the feature of the latest episode of The YSF Podcast.

Darton Primary School have been working alongside Totally Runable during the last five years to challenge perceptions of pupils, staff and parents about sport and activity.

In the episode, they share their story with us, looking at some of the things they’ve done that have not only changed attitudes towards sport, but changed the whole culture of the school.

“I can honestly say, this is the best initiative that we have got involved in, by far.  Like many schools, you’re always looking at how you can spend your funds to make sure you have an impact and can make a difference.

“Our data may not have been as strong as we would have wanted, at various times, and you wonder if you should have put your effort elsewhere.  I remember it felt like a gamble at the time, but I was talking to the governing body and saying this is what we have to do.

“I don’t have any regrets and I know this will evolve.  The academic improvements have gone along the time period we have worked with Totally Runable, and I don’t think that is by chance.  There are a number of factors, and one of those factors is the work with Totally Runable.

“The improvements of the girls to just have a go at things.  As a school, that’s very much the culture we’ve created and it was always important to me that that was the culture I wanted with staff – be creative, be innovative, try something different.”

To listen to the podcast in full, search for The YSF Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all major podcast providers. You can also listen at www.yorkshiresport.org/podcast

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