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Leading our Active Places: Together for Everyone

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Posted 1st February 2021

Leaders from across South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire are coming together this week as part of our ‘Leading our Active Places’ virtual conference.

The four-day event has the theme of ‘Together for Everyone’, highlighting the collective efforts of everyone across all nine districts to provide the capability, opportunity and motivation for everyone to be active.

The series of events – with morning keynotes and afternoon ‘Nurturing Ideas and People’ sessions – has been designed for those who are leading the charge of physical activity across our districts though the partnership groups that are in place, and also those organisations working at a regional level.

Our sector’s responsibility and focus has to be on supporting people to be active, and we all know that never has been as important for mental and physical health. One thing that hasn’t changed, then, is our collective drive to bring the benefits of living an active life to as many people as possible.

The focus is unashamedly on inequalities and what we can do to address them. Not only inequalities in those who are active, but more importantly how movement, physical activity and sport can play its part in addressing wider societal inequalities.

We’d like to thank all those who have contributed to making the event possible. Also, to those who are joining us for all or some of the sessions, and giving up their time with the varying demands – both personal and professional – that the pandemic is presenting.

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