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Navigating Local Systems’ Understanding and driving change in the system to increase physical activity within local communities

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Posted 11th March 2021

Sport England in partnership with the Chief Cultural Leisure Officers Association (CLOA) has launched a new resource, ‘Navigating Local Systems’, which shares learning and practical tools from 3 localities – Liverpool, Luton, and Wakefield as they embarked on a journey to better understand the local system they work within.  

Place-based system change is an increasingly important conversation, particularly as we begin planning for the implementation of ‘Uniting The Movement’. There is a growing interest from places wanting to take a systemic approach to tackle inactivity and the inequalities that still exist.

Sport England has been exploring place-based working by pursuing several different approaches. This includes the work of the 12 Local Delivery Pilots, supporting whole system approaches in a small number of other places, and an extensive programme focussed on nurturing and developing leadership across the system. ‘Navigating Local Systems’ is a part of this testbed of approaches and has explored whether, through the injection of focused support local knowledge, skills and capacity can be developed to drive change in the system.

In the resource, you’ll find:

  • What we did and why
  • Learning and advice from the three places involved
  • Video summaries from the three facilitators that provided support and guidance to each place
  • Practical tools and techniques that you may want to try

We would encourage you to take some time to read the resource, watch the videos, share with colleagues and partners and start a conversation about what resonates, what questions do you have and what could it mean for your place. CLOA and Sport England will be hosting an online event in the Spring to explore the learning further and exchange thinking with colleagues from Liverpool, Luton, and Wakefield.

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