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What’s Your Move website to support Barnsley to be active

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Posted 28th May 2021

The Active in Barnsley partnership, of which we are a member, has launched a brand-new website, where people in Barnsley can find information about being active, useful links for moving more at home or outdoors and to get inspired by reading ‘What’s Your Move Champions’ stories.  

Last year, the What’s Your Move campaign encouraged residents to move more and incorporate regular exercise and activity into their daily lives. Making it easy is key, and the internet has many valuable resources to help people be active. However, it can sometimes become slightly overwhelming. For that reason, the Partnership wanted to create a website with resources and helpful tips all in one place, that would be easy to navigate.  

The website has plenty of helpful information about various activities, walking route suggestions, tips on how to stay motivated, links to useful resources and much more. Want to start walking, cycling, dancing or exercising online? There’s something for everyone.  

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “It was great to see people getting involved with the What’s Your Move campaign, moving more and sharing their stories with us over the past year.   

“We believe that this new website will be a helpful tool for those who might not know where to start or want to try something new.  

“Even the smallest activity is great for people’s mental and physical wellbeing, so please have a look at our new website, where you will find everything that you need to get started.”  

Visit the What’s Your Move website at www.barnsleywhatsyourmove.co.uk.

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