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Blog: Making more time to connect and share

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Posted 3rd June 2021

At the beginning of July, we’ll be piloting a new ‘YSF Connect and Share’ session. It’ll be an informal get together of people involved in similar areas of work – beginning with Active Workplaces. Here, James Brown, our Director of Local Support, explains the thinking behind it.

One of our roles as Yorkshire Sport Foundation, and the Active Partnership for South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, is to share learning and bring people together to extend the work that we are all doing to create the conditions for a more active population.

Following feedback from the Leading Our Active Places: Together for everyone virtual event series we hosted in February, and ongoing local discussions, we took a step back to consider the overall opportunity to connect people across themed areas of work. The aim of the ‘YSF Connect and Share’ sessions is to provide opportunities to continue conversations, share ideas on policies, strategies and evidence. It’s a chance to consider what is working, what might be getting in the way and to connect different people, organisations and partnerships working throughout the two counties.

It appears that there is a desire for more of these conversations. At the heart of collective action is an understanding that we have common objectives and all face similar challenges and opportunities. We would therefore like to arrange some virtual chats on a number of different themes over the coming months – an opportunity to check in with colleagues doing similar work.

The first conversation will focus on Active Workplaces on Thursday 1 July (11.15am – 12.45pm). There will be no presentations. Sessions will be interactive, including breakout rooms to allow discussion and networking, which will provide an opportunity for you to share what you are doing and to hear from others about their work, taking place throughout South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

These, or similar, questions will provide a starting point for our conversation:

  • What are you trying to achieve in your work?
  • What is working well, and why?
  • What are the things that are getting in the way?
  • What are your plans to grow the work? And, what is important for us in the future?

It’s a slightly different approach to the type of event we’ve held before, so there will be learning along the way. Your input into that, as well as future themes, will help us create something that everyone can benefit from.

If you’d like to join us for the first YSF Connect and Share, bookings are now open.

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