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A new national plan for sport, health and wellbeing is needed to tackle inactivity says Lords Committee

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Posted 10th December 2021

The House of Lords ‘National Plan for Sport and Recreation Committee’ has released its report today (Friday 10 December).

The Select Committee was appointed in October 2020 and re-appointed 13 May 2021, “to consider the effectiveness of current sport and recreation policies and initiatives, and the case for A National Plan for Sport and Recreation”.

They heard evidence from across the sport and recreation sector and have made a series of recommendations to Government, all of which are included within the report.

The principles which underpin the recommendations are: “physical literacy, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, application of the science of behaviour change and motivation, a proactive approach to tackling health inequalities, and making a contribution to individual development and community cohesion through enhanced support for sport for development organisations and projects.”

Among the recommendations include:

  • making PE a core subject
  • closer links between schools, local sports clubs and communities
  • develop a whole system, place-based approach
  • greater attention to how planning and design can support and encourage active travel
  • better use of technology to motivate and encourage people to be active and to make it easier to book and access facilities
  • imposing financial sanctions against publicly funded bodies which fail to demonstrate their safeguarding and duty of care policies are being effectively implemented
  • more ambitious targets set for diversity of the boards of bodies funded by Sport England and UK Sport, with failure to make progress met with financial sanctions.

Nigel Harrison, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Sport Foundation, was among those who gave evidence, and has welcomed the report.

“It was a pleasure to give evidence and we welcome the recommendations it has made,” said Nigel.

“There are some really strong messages coming through, not least in relation to closer links to those working in health; the need for better connectivity across all levels; and the prominence of PE in schools.

“Additionally, the recommendations around safeguarding and increasing diversity are essential, as we all strive to make playing sport and being active a safe, fully inclusive experience for every person in the country.”

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