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Diary of a Development Manager: Julie

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Posted 29th March 2022

There’s less than a week until applications close for two Development Manager roles close. We asked a couple of our local support Development Managers to keep a diary of what they got up to in the last week, to give more of an insight for those considering applying.

First up is Julie, who is Development Manager for Calderdale and Kirklees.

Location: In the YSF office

Chat with Nigel, our CEO, about our support for Ukrainian families in our patch. It’s great to be such a small and tight-knit organisation that we can share our personal interests with colleagues, and also have one-to-ones with the CEO! (And it isn’t scary either!)

Pre-meet about meeting a senior leader in the Council, and how we’re going to approach it.

Meeting with a partner and our Data and Insight Manager about the outcomes of a project we’re funding that will work with young, vulnerable people from a mosque, to help them build leadership skills and confidence through physical activity.

Location: In the YSF office

A walk-and-call meeting with my Council counterpart.

The weekly (Teams) catch up on all things Calderdale. The core team meet weekly and share learning, issues and updates. I’ll often share information and learning from other districts, particularly Kirklees.

A lunchtime stroll (read ‘jog’) with the boss to get a buttie – boy, does he walk quickly! Then another walking meeting with my direct report – 15,000 steps and counting today! Perks of the job to be encouraged to be active (and have sunny days to do it on!)

Location: At home (TalkTalk engineer coming…but didn’t!)

Practise and deliver guest lecture to Leeds nursing students. The module is in “Health Promotion and long-term conditions”. I’ve recently supported a project with people from a South East Asian community who have long-term conditions and how to get them more active. Fascinating learning and it went down very well with the students. Interestingly, physical activity isn’t really discussed in their nursing degrees, which is an area we could try to influence.

Location: Huddersfield Town Hall

I spent the day working alongside the Council physical activity team, sat together in the Town Hall.

Meet with senior leader (see Monday’s pre-meet!) about opportunities to work more with him and his teams. This is a large area of my work; what can we change at a senior/policy/systems level that will impact physical activity for everyone in the area. We discussed various opportunities (transport, employment, town centre development) where we could support his team to embed physical activity into their work.

Delayed Christmas lunch! Sat on a sunny (hot) terrace in Huddersfield – yey!

Location: At home and then at a skate park

Meeting with organisations passionate about helping people with disabilities become more active in Kirklees. How can we better work together; how can YSF help them? Andrew, our Development Officer, chaired this – I was there to support and chip in ideas.

Full team meeting – a lovely way to wrap up the week, seeing colleague’s faces, discuss big issues and often have a giggle.

Finally, to Hebden Bridge to do some filming of the skateboarding project we’ve funded. Highlight of the week! The opposite of the chat with the Council Director – meeting grassroots volunteers and activities making lives better right now on the ground. It’s so important to see the reality, as well as the ivory towers!

For full details of the two Development Manager roles we are currently advertising, go to our job listings page.

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