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Blog: What’s it like to be a Data and Insight Officer?

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Posted 9th August 2022

We are currently recruiting for a Data and Insight Officer, working two-days a week. The role is part of a job share with Sophie, who is reducing her hours to take up a role with the British Triathlon team. She shares some of what she gets up to in the job.

My role tends to vary from week to week dependent on the needs at the time. I work closely with Emma, our Data and Insight Manager, and our overarching aim is to provide high quality and timely data and insight that drives, develops and underpins our strategy.

In a typical working week that may involve updating our Data and Insight Hub, which is where we store the most up to date data for our team. It’s also quite likely that there will be meetings with members of the team to support them with a specific project, or adding resources to our ‘Learning Bank’.
A lot of our work involves monitoring and evaluating our projects.

My role is to support the team in collecting information that allows us to understand our reach and demonstrate our impact. I have supported a number of project and while much of this is desk-based work, I have had the opportunity to get out and about to visit some of the Community Champions. It’s visits like this helps bring the work we do to life and gives more context to the information the team provide me with.

I’ve recently started coordinating the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey across our nine districts. This involves contacting schools selected by Sport England and supporting the schools through the survey process. It’s a really important area of our work as the results help us to understand how children engage with sport and physical activity in our area, as well as nationally. Part of my role is also to contribute to our Data Partnerships work. This supports a number of organsations to understand the impact of their work, and both Emma and I work together to produce bespoke Data Reports for them.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to develop in my time here, and recently completed a two-day Project Management course and attended the ‘Make Space For Us’ workshop. I’ve been involved with internal groups and panels, such as a those where we assess funding applications. Being part of these groups has allowed me to understand the wider picture outside of my data and insight bubble which I think has been really beneficial to my overall development.


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