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YSF Annual Review 2021-2022

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Posted 31st August 2022

We want it to be easy and enjoyable for everyone in Yorkshire to be active.

We know moving more, being active or taking part in sport can help people to improve their lives. Many people already benefit from being active but too many people also face challenges to build activity into their day-to-day lives.

This review looks back at the things we have achieved and the changes we have made in who we are, and looks ahead to why we expect positive changes to be made and sustained.

The essence of our work is through collaboration and working with others. On occasions we lead where it is appropriate to do so but, for the most part, our role is to connect, influence and support our partners.

This report is therefore a culmination of the work of a great many people and organisations who we work with on a daily basis.We thank them for their continued support.

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