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Moving Together: A Mental Health and Physical Activity Networking and Learning Event

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Posted 18th October 2022

There is a mental health and physical activity networking and learning event at 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM on November 25, 2022, Voluntary Action Leeds, Stringer House, Hunslet. Register here.

This event aims to actively support young people’s mental wellbeing in the city, by bringing together the worlds of young people’s mental health and physical activity in Leeds. It is planned as part of a citywide focus on young people’s mental health and physical activity.

The event will consist of a networking component, to bring together mental health practitioners and people from VCS organisations, youth workers and other practitioners who offer physical activity opportunities for young people in Leeds, followed by a learning component, showcasing some examples of good practice in terms of offering inclusive and trauma-informed physical activity opportunities, or offers that combine mental health support and physical activity, making absolutely clear the benefit for mental health of engaging in positive forms of physical activity.

Workshops Available (attendees will be able to attend 2 workshops of their choice)

Workshop 1 : Combining physical activity with mental health – GIPSIL

Workshop 2 : The mental wellbeing benefits of physical activity: Increased resiilience through community dance – DAZL & LBU

Workshop 3 : Top tips to creating a more trauma informed physical activity environment- STREETGAMES

Workshop 4 : Discussing the current need for physical activity social prescribing interventions to support young people on the CAMHS waiting lists – Yorkshire Sport Foundation

For any more information about the event please go here contact kate.roberts@streetgames.org or sally.hall2@leeds.gov.uk

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