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Report Highlights Huge Social Value of Charitable Trusts

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Posted 20th October 2022

The full version of the Supporting Integrated Care Through Leisure and Culture Report for England can be found here.

Almost £450 million of social value was created in the last 12 months by Charitable Trusts in England.

This staggering figure is part of a new report by Community Leisure UK, which is encouraging health professionals in England to Connect, Visit and Collaborate with their local Charitable Trust and help support the Government’s patients first approach.

The Supporting Integrated Care Through Leisure and Culture Report also makes it clear that while social value figures are impressive, the power of Charitable Trusts lies within their person-centred approach to health and social care.

Trust can support the freeing up of clinicians and the Government’s putting patients first approach by providing access to tailored and supervised physical activity and cultural activity at the right time in the optimal care setting and, ultimately, reducing the overall burden on the health sector.

Leisure and Culture Trusts, as non-profit distributing organisations, can offer Integrated Care Systems, the NHS and wider public health partners their facilities, a skilled workforce, and reach into communities to jointly improve England’s health and wellbeing.Managing more than 1300 physical buildings in communities across England, welcoming over 126 million visitors a year, and investing in a large and skilled workforce, leisure and culture trusts are ready to support the health sector – delivering quality, personal care and reducing workload pressures.

To read the Supporting Integrated Care Through Leisure and Culture Report,  visit: https://communityleisureuk.org/work/health-wellbeing/.

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