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Live Longer Better campaign recommends keeping active in Dementia Risk Reduction Programme

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Posted 1st November 2022

Living Longer Better ( www.livelongerbetter.uk) is launching a knowledge campaign on the first of November to help people, including professionals many of whom are confused about dementia, understand how to reduce the risk of dementia.

Oxfordshire based, Public Health advisor, Sir Muir Gray will  launch the Dementia Risk Reduction Programme He hopes that this new campaign will widen awareness of the potential for prevention of this condition, the problem that people now fear most. The campaign is based on best current research which is summarised in the book, Increase Your Brainability and Reduce Your Risk of Dementia by Muir Gray, Larry Chambers and Charles Alessi, published by OUP and Charles and Larry will both play a central part in the programme.

Based on his experience of  establishing the screening processes in the NHS, Muir is more recently the Founder of Live Longer Better, an initiative that helps adults in the UK age well and prevent diseases that typically occur in later life. The objective of the campaign will be to increase awareness of actions that are proven to prevent or delay dementia – all of which will also prevent and delay frailty and the need for social care. The Department of Health and Social Care knows how important dementia is and are planning a major initiative which the Live Longer Better programme will support and promote

“Normal brain ageing”, Muir says, “does not cause dementia. Alzheimer’s disease remains a major challenge and more research is of vital importance but there are many other factors that cause dementia. The scientific evidence is now very strong that there are three methods for reducing the risk of dementia:

  • keep the brain tissue healthy, by sleeping well, reducing stress and being physically active which directly stimulates brain cells
  • keep the blood and oxygen supply optimal, just like reducing the risk of heart disease
  • stimulate the brain by learning new skills and being even more involved in activities with purpose and challenge because we now know about what is called neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form new circuits, just like computer programmes, no matter how old you are.”

These activities also prevent or delay the onset of frailty and reduce the risk of a fall which is often the turning point In a person’s life.

Over six months there will be a monthly podcast on the 1st of each month discussing the following:

  • What is happening as we live longer and the potential to increase brainability
  • What is dementia and how can it be delayed or prevented
  • Cherish and protect the brain tissue
  • Keep the blood and oxygen flowing
  • Stay engaged and purposeful
  • Start your revolution

The message will be delivered by networks involving all the relevant agencies with the Active partnerships, linked to Sport England playing a leading role  and increasingly through general practice information systems, which can reach individuals.

For further information or to speak to Sir Gray, please contact Katie Read
07837 48564

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