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Managing the impact of higher energy costs on community leisure provision

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Posted 21st November 2022

Sport England has published guidance is designed to help local authorities who’ve have outsourced the management of their facilities to external operators to consider the actions they can take to help mitigate the impact and risk associated with this situation. It may also help local authorities that manage their leisure facilities in-house and leisure operators.

The hints and tips are drawn from discussions with multiple leisure operators and local authorities across England.

“We recognise that many local authorities and leisure operators are already taking action to mitigate the impact of rising utility costs. For these organisations, the actions contained within this guidance may provide a helpful checklist for comparison. ”

The government has announced a financial support package for communities and businesses to deal with the rising energy costs.

Further information is to be provided by government regarding the details of this and the impact on local councils and operators. It should be noted, however, that the approach to managing the impact of higher energy costs and the mitigation actions contained within this guidance remain valid.

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