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Climate Series 2023: The YSF Climate Crew

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Posted 20th April 2023

In the final podcast episode of our Climate Series 2023, we turn the spotlight on ourselves.

We chatted with Tahir Akram – who heads up our internal ‘Climate Crew’ – to discuss our successes and challenges over the last couple of years since setting up the group.

He tells us the story of how the group was created, the challenge of creating a policy and action plan, reflects on our progress so far and gives his advice to other organisations.

“I’d say the important bit is to find out who else is interested and is passionate about it in your organization,” said Tahir.

“Don’t put any set rules down, just leave. Let the group grow organically, however that might be. If you’ve got an organization that is lucky enough to have someone who heads up on this, brilliant, lean on them a lot, but if not, just get a group of people together and just start.

“But the first thing I would say is just start anywhere. Just start. That is it. There’s nothing bad you can do. Just start.”

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