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Climate report: 2022-2023

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Posted 21st April 2023

On Earth Day 2022, we shared our annual action plan for making a positive impact on climate change.

We promised that we’d report back a year later, and on the eve of Earth Day 2023, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

In some areas, we feel we’ve achieved quite a lot, but know in other areas there’s still more we can do. Our annual report shares those successes and areas for improvement.

When we were writing our action plan, we looked for others but struggled to find any. It meant we took a bit longer to get started, which is why we want to share our 2022-23 action plan with you. We wouldn’t suggest copying it completely, as each organisation is unique. But we hope it may provide a start point if you need it.

Download our 2022-23 action plan and read our annual climate report.

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