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Bradford launches Bestlife App

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Posted 17th July 2023

Bestlife is a gamified behaviour change and data collection app to improve young people’s health developed by Born in Bradford and JU:MP.

It will be launched on 17th July 2023 and promoted widely to children, young people and families. It will be available free of charge for iOS and Android Smart phones from the Apple and Android App stores.

The Bestlife App

  • BiB and JU:MP have worked together to develop an impactful digital platform which both drives behaviour change to encourage children and young people to establish active, healthy lifestyles while simultaneously capturing the data needed to measure the health benefits these interventions are producing.
  • JU:MP has commissioned Dubit Ltd to develop the Bestlife App to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles in children and young people aged 10 – 16 across Bradford through the digital world where many young people spend much of their time.
  • The Bestlife App uses gamification approaches that are fun and engaging and also goal setting and rewards as key behaviour change tools. Design features including avatars, personalisation and digital rewards to customise avatars.
  • Features include:
  • Play solo or as a team (Collab mode)
  • Goal setting through a menu of activities called Quests. Digital rewards/points can be gained from:
    • Timed fitness exercises to do at home or outdoors
    • Number of steps walked or run, linking to the phone’s step counter
    • Points for going to the park and scanning a QR code which will be installed initially in five Bradford parks. We will expand to more parks if successful.


The app has been developed with and for 10 – 16 year olds within JU:MP and BiB Age of Wonder programmes through in depth insight and testing and learning. However the Bestlife App is free and accessible and we aim to encourage wider usage by all children and young people and their families.

Behaviour change focus

  • Increased physical activity levels
  • Improved emotional wellbeing through physical activity

    If the App shows potential the aim will be to develop new behaviour change elements focussed for example on sleep, healthy eating, screen time or mental health; ultimately creating a virtual “Game of Life”.

    Device and access

  • iOS and Android Smart phones
  • Free to download from Google Play and App Store 

    JU:MP and BiB are aware of issues around digital exclusion and so for children and young people who do not have access to a smart phone JU:MP offers lots of ideas to be active on their website joinusmoveplay.org as well as a wide programme of free and low cost activities in the disadvantaged areas of inner East and West Bradford.

    Digital data collection

    BiB and JU:MP have worked with Dubit to develop a data registration and collection system and personal dashboard that will allow researchers to analyse how children’s lifestyle behaviours impact on their health when they are recruited into research studies such as the Born in Bradford Age of Wonder study. In this initial phase we are testing engagement and usability of the App. This will lay the foundation for the App to be used for research purposes by Born in Bradford and potentially wider researchers.

    Ultimately, the app will combine a data registration collection system with a gamification product to create a sustained increase in motivation to be physically active and make healthy lifestyle choices.

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