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Yorkshire Sport Foundation thank Paul Reid

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Posted 24th July 2023

Yorkshire Sport Foundation (YSF) has thanked Paul Reid as his eight-year tenure as Chair of the Board of Trustees came to an end.

In his time as Chair, Paul has driven a number of significant changes to our Governance and the way we operate, starting with the full organisational merger of West Yorkshire Sport and South Yorkshire Sport into Yorkshire Sport Foundation.

YSF were the first sporting organisation to achieve accreditation to the UK Code of Sports Governance and over the last three years secured a 41% increase in funding outside of that provided by Sport England.

We have a greater understanding of our impact led by data and insight through an innovative Performance and Learning System, and have achieved accreditation as having ‘World Class’ levels of staff engagement through the ‘Best Companies’ programme.

“I’ve really valued the personal relationship I’ve had with Paul, and the right level of challenge that has always been delivered in a very supportive manner.

“The effect he has had on the organisation has been significant in terms of how we operate day-to-day, and that has helped us progress far beyond where we were when he became Chair. On behalf of everyone at Yorkshire Sport Foundation, I’d like to thank Paul for all he has done over the last eight years.”

“I’ve been used to being the Chair of companies that make money but over the eight years, it has taught me that there’s much more to life than that,” said Paul.

“I’m a different Chair in other roles thanks to my time with Yorkshire Sport Foundation. I’m committed to different things now than I was before.

“It has been a real privilege and I have learnt more from being the Chair of Yorkshire Sport Foundation, than Yorkshire Sport Foundation got from me.”

An announcement of the new Chair will be made on Tuesday.

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