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We Are Undefeatable launches summer campaign

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Posted 2nd August 2023

The We Are Undefeatable summer campaign has launched across social and digital channels today and will be returning to TV and on-demand from the 7th August! You can also expect to see familiar campaign faces on posters and digital screens in hospital waiting rooms across England.  The summer can be a great time to inspire people living with health conditions to build more physical activity into their daily routines or encourage them to try something new. We’d love your support in showing the ways a little bit of movement can make a big difference to physical and mental health!

Ways to support the campaign

  • Support the campaign via your social channels. Visit the Supporters Hub and access the new summer social media key messaging document within the ‘social media assets’ section.
  • Share the campaign with any networks and audiences you work with to reach more people living with long-term health conditions and encourage them to be active.
  • Link the campaign with any local initiatives you have this summer to support people living with health conditions get active and try out new classes or activities.

Check back on the Supporter Hub towards the end of August to find details of our 3 new campaign stories under Campaign Cast Stories and access new social media assets.

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