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“You laikin out?” Trends in Children’s Street Play report

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Posted 3rd August 2023

Less than three in ten children say they regularly play out in their street, a massive decline from eight out of ten in the 1960s and 70s.

Every child deserves the right to play. Yet as this new research shows, opportunities to play outside which were the near universal right of previous generations are now available to fewer and fewer children.

Many adults, and even other children, see children playing outside as a threat and nuisance, not as something to be welcomed and encouraged.

The report was created by Professor Helen Dodd, University of Exeter, Trustee of Play England with thanks to Rob Shaffer, Leeds Play street enablement project, Kidz Club Leeds and Playing Out.

Read the report here

If you were wondering, ‘laiking out’ is a common phrase for playing in Yorkshire with roots, like the word ‘bairns’ meaning children, in Norway.

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