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Children’s Rights Workshop Invitation

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Posted 8th August 2023

The Play Their Way movement is on a mission to transform children’s coaching.

You can find out more at a workshop in Leeds onMonday 25th September 2023 10am – 3pm at Horizon Events Space. Book here.

“Rights should be at the heart of what we do and how we work with children and young people. That’s why Play Their Way want to work with organisations to embed children’s rights at all levels, from coaching practice to organisational processes.

“The goal is for all children and young people — regardless of age, background or ability — to have a voice, choice and decide their journey when participating in sport and physical activity, so they develop a genuine and lifelong love for being active with child-first coaching.

“Child-first coaching is an evidence-informed approach that prioritises the fundamental rights of all children and young people in sport and activity, regardless of their age, gender, background, or ability. There are three key ingredients of this approach which reflect the rights of children and young people to be heard, to play and to develop.”

Find out more about the Play Their Way movement by checking out www.playtheirway.org where you will find insight into where this movement came from, resources which you can use in your practice and ways to join  the movement.

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