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Kick It Out Impact Report – 30 years

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Posted 15th August 2023

Released on the organisation’s 30th Anniversary, the report shows that football has become safer, more inclusive, and more welcoming over the past three decades, but that the vast majority of fans still believe more needs to be done to combat discrimination.

The report found that the majority of fans say there is less discrimination in football now than 30 years ago or when they first became a football fan and that 73% of fans believe football has become more inclusive.

Sixty seven percent (67%) of those who experienced discrimination, say that they experience it less often now, due to the work of Kick it Out. 79% of those who’ve heard of the anti-discrimination organisation stated it has contributed to a more inclusive game.

While the data highlights the significant strides that have been taken over the past 30 years, Kick It Out believes that its work remains more relevant than ever, with chair Sanjay Bhandari stating: “Now is not the time for football to rest on its laurels.”

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