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New Just Don’t campaign to stop men harassing women with ‘inappropriate behaviour’ launches in Yorkshire

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Posted 20th September 2023

A powerful new campaign launches today aimed at tackling everyday harassment and inappropriate male behaviour towards women and girls.

The “Just Don’t” campaign is the latest step in the Mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin’s fight to improve the safety of women and girls, alongside partners across the region.

Shocking research has shown that 86% of young women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment in public and the Mayor is urging everybody in the region to be an ally, step up, call it out and help stop it.

The campaign, being launched during Violence Against Women and Girls Week of Action, is centred around a powerful video which shows men and boys making excuses for inappropriate behaviour and harassment in everyday situations. This escalates to a chilling finale where a male perpetrator makes a threat about knowing where a young woman lives.

Read the story about Just Don’t campaign here

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