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Primary mental wellbeing resources for teachers

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Posted 6th October 2023

For World Mental Health Day (10th October), Better Health have created two new mental wellbeing resources for pupils aged 5–11.  These include information on Physical and mental wellbeing – Exploring the link between physical and mental wellbeing.

What is wellbeing? assembly and Self-care resource can help young people understand the meaning of wellbeing and explore activities to help them feel good and boost their physical and mental health.  Accredited by the PSHE Association and the NHS, they include an immersive film featuring young people speaking about their thoughts on self-care, worksheets and scenario-based activities that can be delivered flexibly across the school timetable.

These are available to download for free on the School Zone website:

Download resources

To help you promote these resources to school networks, there is an email that you can download on our Campaign Resource Centre here:

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