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Projects across Yorkshire featured in the Levelling the Playing Field Playbook

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Posted 31st October 2023

Projects across West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire have been recognised in the Levelling the Playing Field Playbook – a collection of amazing stories which showcases the impact of specialist partners in the community and secure estate.

    • Featured projects include:

Launched in 2020 thanks to a record £1m grant from the London Marathon Foundation, Levelling the Playing Field uses the power
of sport and physical activity to engage and improve health and life conditions for ethnically diverse children who are more likely to enter, or are already involved with, the Criminal Justice System.

Levelling the Playing Field augments its partners’ impact by fostering multi-agency partnerships, offering extensive staff training including mentoring qualifications, sourcing and distributing funding (including over half a million pounds through multiple fundingstreams) and raising their profile through case studies and regional and national awards events.

You can download the Playbook here: levellingtheplayingfield.org/images/PDFs/Lt

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