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Women under exercise ‘curfew’ due to threat of sexual harassment at night

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Posted 2nd November 2023

New research from @ThisGirlCanUK found that around 46% of women change their outdoor exercise routines due to the dark, impacting their enjoyment when getting active.

The threat of sexual harassment is stopping women from exercising outdoors at night, with almost two-thirds concerned they will be targeted, a new poll has revealed.

Kate Dale, director of marketing at Sport England and This Girl Can said in The Independent: “As daylight hours diminish, many women are opting to stay indoors due to safety concerns, resulting in decreased physical activity levels. The impact of this on women’s overall health and well-being is of massive concern and requires both attention and intervention.

“It’s not right that for nearly half the year, we feel we have fewer options to be active in the ways that work for us. And even if we go out despite these fears, it’s harder to get the joy, freedom and confidence that physical activity can bring if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder or monitoring your surroundings.

“It’s yet another emotional barrier, something else we have to manage if we want to build activity into our routines and lives.“Helping women feel safe when getting active is not a singular responsibility; we need everyone to engage with the issue.”

Read the full story in The Independent

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