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The active partnership

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is the Active Partnership (formerly County Sports Partnership) for South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. We are one of network of 43 Sport England Lottery Funded organisations in England, responsible for connecting and influencing providers of sport and physical activity to increase the number and quality of opportunities for participation.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation became our name in 2015, and the name is a deliberate choice.

Yorkshire – A proud brand synonymous with sport; our role as an Active Partnership for South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire sees us serve over two-thirds of the population of Yorkshire.

Sport – Our core business is to encourage more people to take part in sport as we are passionate about the positive impact sport makes on people’s lives and the major contribution it makes to our communities’ physical activity levels.

Foundation – Our charitable status will facilitate greater health, social and economic investment that benefits both individuals who find it difficult to access sport and communities needing a wide range of services.

  • We work with national governing bodies, local authorities, health providers, sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities to ensure access to high quality sporting opportunities
  • We deliver national programmes for Sport England as well as staging events such as those for Sport Relief, and support local clubs and national governing bodies
  • Our workforce programmes increase volunteering and coaching opportunities with skills and career development, advice and coach education courses
  • We create bespoke projects such as Creating Connections to connect disabled people to sports activities, Mums’ Team to recruit new volunteer coaches and develop active workplace programmes
  • Our websites and social media channels are a valuable resource for jobs, local sport news, funding opportunities and advice, club searches and activities across the county.

Read our Strategies and impact reports on or Governance page


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