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Climate change and sustainability

We recognise that climate change and people’s health and wellbeing are closely connected; research shows us that global changes in
our environment can have a substantial impact on people’s ability to lead healthy active daily lives – with the most vulnerable in our communities particularly being most adversely affected.

In our role atYorkshire Sport Foundation, we aim to promote and develop movement, physical activity and sport through our work with partners, in ways that support the wider sustainability agenda.
We know, for example, encouraging people to walk and cycle rather than use motorised transport, to eat healthier using locally produced foodstuffs and to use our open, green spaces are clear examples of ways we can support which will bring both health benefits and reduce climate impact.

We have a way to go in further understanding and defining our role, ambitions and actions regarding climate change yet firmly commit today to these two principles in all our work:

• To manage our organisational activities in an environmentally sustainable way.
• To advocate with partners the value of movement, physical activity and sport in creating a more sustainable world.

We have signed up for the Yorkshire & Humber Climate Action Pledge

The Yorkshire & Humber Climate Action Pledge is a simple commitment to taking action on climate and nature. Businesses and organisations pledge to take actions that will help them adapt to a changing climate, reduce their carbon emissions, enhance nature and biodiversity and promote fairness. It’s a growing movement of organisations across Yorkshire who recognise that we need to take action to protect our region from climate impacts and unlock the benefits of a green economy

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