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“…absolutely invaluable for us as a club. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. This is even more so given that we are a women’s only football club and thus have more challenges in raising resources and developing, without any support from an established male’s team and structure. 

“They were key to us moving to Hillsborough College where we now run two trainings and play our league home games at. They brought in Satellite funding for us so that we can advance as a club and run our Development training sessions for women new to the sport or who are wanting to return in a non-pressurised environment. They have helped us resolve teething problems that most clubs experience in their first year of running and have been key to us engaging nearly 90 women aged between 16-50+ years old in football activity in under two years!

“They have a very flexible and understanding approach and are very supportive in helping us realise our ambitions and goals.”

Jane Watkinson (Co-founder & Co-ordinator AFC Unity)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the [Rotherham Club Development] workshop and it was great to meet other people from different clubs in the same situation. Being able to provide a forum for clubs from different sports to come together and learn from each other and know they’re not the only club with certain issues was extremely beneficial to many clubs.”

Shelley Baxter (Anston Circket Club)

“The team provided excellent support throughout the application process. They were extremely knowledgable about the whole procedure and guided us through it, answering all my (sometimes complicated!) questions and providing tips and guidance where appropriate.

“They were really friendly and helpful and I don’t think we could have negotiated our way through the process without all of their invaluable support. We were lucky to have been granted the funding and we still receive on going support from the team who never fail to answer any questions we have.”

Emma Nicholson (Sheffield Steel Rollergirls)

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