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What activity is for you?

Want a better, happier life? Get healthy? Make friends?

Just 10 minutes of activity a day is enough to improve your mood, health and help you meet new people.

Want to get started?

Run five minutes up the road and by the time you’ve got back, you will probably have run a mile.

Make it last

Positive changes work best when you find a healthy habit you can build into your weekly routine. Some people swear by health apps, others prefer the camaraderie of a running group. Find something, make it work for you or try something else, just keep going!

Whatever you want to do, there is an activity for everyone that is fun and rewarding.

Who plays what?

Ever wondered what the mosts popular sports are? This is taken from Sport England’s Active Lives survey:

Swimming 2,516,700
Athletics / Running 2,217,800
Cycling 1,950,300
Football 1,844,900
Golf 729,300
Exercise, Movement and Dance 437,200
Badminton 425,800
Tennis 398,100
Equestrian 282,400
Bowls 211,900
How much should I do?

Even 10 minutes a day can be enough to make a difference.

The NHS recommends that adults do at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity, or at least 75 minutes per week of vigorous activity, or equivalent combinations.

But research has suggested that even saving up your activity for the weekend can still give significant health benefits.

Compared to inactive individuals, ‘Weekend Warriors’ had a 30 per cent low risk of preventable deaths overall, a 40 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and 18 per cent lower risk of dying from cancer.  Source


Running is one of the best ways to start your journey to a better life. Its an easy and flexible way to build your fitness.

Run Together is the new website from England Athletics and can put you in touch with nearby groups or help you make training plans like Get Me Started’, ‘Keep Me Going’ and ‘Challenge Me’

If you do give it a go, tweet #gettingstarted at us @yorkshireSport and let us know how you are getting on!



If you are a carer, the simple joy of walking can have many health and mental benefits. Stepping Out with Carers co-organiser, Sue Mott, tells us about a pilot project Sport England is funding that’s helping carers – and the people they care for – experience the joy of walking. Find out more


Pick a sport and find out more!

American Football    Angling    Archery    Athletics     Badminton    Baseball    Basketball    Boccia    Bowls

Boxing    Canoeing    Climbing   Cricket   Cycling     Dance    Disability Sports    Dodgeball    Equestrian

Equestrian Sports   Exercise, Movement and Dance     Fencing    Football     Goalball    Golf   Gymnastics

Handball    Hockey    Ice Hockey    Judo   Karate     Kickboxing    Modern Pentathlon    Netball

Orienteering   Parkour   Petanque    Racketball     Racquet Sports    Roller Derby    Rounders   Rowing

Rugby League     Rugby Union    Running    Sailing     Skateboarding    Skiing    Snowboarding    Softball

Squash    Street Sports    Swimming    Table Tennis     Taekwondo    Tchoukball    Tennis    Trampolining

Triathlon    Volleyball    Weightlifting    Wheelchair Basketball     Wheelchair Dancing    Wheelchair Fencing

Wheelchair Football   Wheelchair Rugby    Wheelchair Tennis    Winter Sports    Wrestling

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