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Become a coach

Coaching is a great way to express your passion for a sport and be actively involved instead of standing on the sidelines.

It is not only exciting and self satisfying but coaching can have a positive influence on people’s lifelong involvement in sport. It will also help keep you active both mentally and physically.

There are many ways in ways to get involved, such as helping your local club, getting involved in your children’s sporting activities or even helping to support the next elite sports star.

Here’s our four easy steps to becoming a coach.

1. Find out more about becoming a coach

Start by having a look at this video to find out why others have got involved in coaching others.

First Steps into Coaching is a two hour workshop that sports coach UK have produced with those who have no prior experience of coaching in mind. The workshop also includes an invaluable 32 page A5 handbook that will answer all those frequently asked questions? Find a workshop near you.

2. Dip into scUK’s Resource Bank for videos and tips on becoming a coach

sports coach UK has some great, practical information to give you the confidence to get involved. Here is just a sample of the useful resources:

Browse the Resource Bank for more…

3. Speak to someone at your local club or group to ask how you can get involved

The best starting place for trying out coaching is to assist a coach. Most coaches will be grateful for any help you can give. So why not try it out? If you don’t know where to find your nearest club have a look on our club search.

If you are working with children or vulnerable adults, your club should ask you to have a DBS check (formerly a CRB check).

4. Find information on coaching courses and qualifications

To coach independently, most sports will require you to have a minimum standard of training and their governing bodies of sport run their own coaching qualifications. For example, the Football Association (FA) is the governing body for football; the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) for tennis, and so on. Visit the relevant governing body website for more detail. Our have a look at our coach education calendar for courses running in the area.

Need more help? E-mail or call us on 0330 20202 280 and we’ll be happy to help.

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