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Coaching resources

Sports Coach UK

Sports coach UK is the lead organisation for coaching nationally. Their website is crammed with useful resources and information. Visit the sports coach UK website to find out more.

Analysing your own Coaching

Sports coach UK has produced a guide to using training needs analysis (TNA) and personal development plans (PDP). The guide is broken down into four easy to read sections:

  • Goal setting linked to TNA and PDP
  • What TNA and PDP are and how to undertake them
  • Top tips and templates to support the process
  • Ideas on how to implement TNA and PDP in different environments.

There are also additional templates available on the sports coach website that go into more depth on some of the content areas.

  • Training Needs Analysis and Personal Development Plan Guide
  • Training Needs Analysis – ‘Coaching Profile Table’ helps a coach identify areas they feel they need to develop
  • Training Needs Analysis – ‘Coaching Profile Wheel’ is an alternative format for identifying areas of development
  • Example of a completed Training Needs Analysis
  • Personal Development Plan Template
  • Example of a completed Personal Development Plan

To help you understand you own learning style (or your participants) see a VARK Learning Preferences Questionnaire (also see the answer sheet template)

Also see our additional information on Mentoring and Reflecting on your coaching.

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