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Develop your coaching

There are many different skills that a coach needs to be able to provide good, high quality coaching for participants.

As in many other vocations it takes time to learn and develop your skills as you gain experience.

While this may be a challenge, it will ultimately be a rewarding experience as it will give you and the people you coach greater enjoyment from your sessions.

The options for developing your coaching include:

Coach Education Courses – Developing your coaching will mean going on a course to gain an additional coaching qualification or by attending one-off workshops or short courses. A massive range of courses are available locally to help you gain a new or next level of coaching award, or simply develop your skills and knowledge for coaching. See our course finder for further details.

You can also find out more about the range of sports coach UK courses available.

Books, DVDs and other resources – There are a wealth of sources of information where coaches can get information to develop their skills, knowledge of their sport or new ideas and drills. As well as lots of information freely available on the internet.

  • Working with other coaches can also provide many opportunities for you to develop coaching skills and experience.
  • Mentoring – where an inexperienced coach is paired with an experienced coach who provides guidance and support.
  • Self-reflection – analysing how your sessions went; what worked; what didn’t; why; and what could be done differently. It is also very beneficial to take time reflecting on your coaching in the widest sense, such as your skills and identifying area for future development.
  • Observing sessions – watching sessions run by other coaches and learning from different coaching styles and techniques used.
  • Gain wider coaching experience – If you are looking to develop your coaching by gaining a broader range of experience, log in (or register) and have a look at the various volunteer coaching opportunities available in ‘Find Opportunities’
  • Development Tools and Resources – In addition to the links above we have created a page full of useful information, tools, and links to resources to help you think about developing your coaching skills further. See our Coaching Resources page.

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