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#PassOnYourPassion is a campaign running across Northern England to recognise and reward female sports coaches plus inspire the next generation.

We asked people to nominate female coaches who inspire them, their friends or family to take part in sport.

We had over 100 nominations and each coach has been sent a baton to pass onto someone who they think will make a good coach and therefore #PassOnYourPassion.

Have you had one of the batons from a coach? If you did, register it HERE and we’ll be in touch to help you on your coaching journey.  You can also download your own baton HERE

If you haven’t had a baton, but are interested in becoming a coach, get in touch HERE.

Did you know*:

• Just 30% of coaches are women
• Only 17% of qualified coaches are women
• 30% of clubs can’t find enough coaches to fulfil demand. More female coaches means more coaches, full stop!

The campaign across the north was coordinated by Greater Sport who started the campaign in 2016

If you want to find out more about coaching, including courses available, visit our ‘Become a coach’ page.

*Stats taken from sports coach UK, Women and Coaching in 2015.

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