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Mums’ Team

Welcome to Mums’ Team. You’ve just taken the first step to becoming one of the most important people in your local sporting community.

A bold statement? Maybe. But that’s what Mums Team is all about.

We want to provide you with everything you need to inspire friends and family to get involved in sport, be fitter, be healthier and, most importantly, have fun.

We’ve all stood on sidelines or sat in the sports centre watching our son or daughter playing sport. Our support is appreciated but could we do more? For many of us being the taxi service and washing the kit is enough but for others – and we’d suggest the type of mums who are interested enough to visit our website – we have the urge to get involved.

So how does being a Mums’ Team volunteer work? Well, we’ll give you all the resources you need. All you have to do is have the passion, perseverance and motivational skills to get other mums involved in whatever you have in mind – whether it’s taking part in a park run, leading a fitness class, getting work colleagues to play table tennis on your lunch hour, or even organising a group walk before you pick the kids up from school.

We’ll not lie, getting people to play more sport, more often isn’t easy.

And that’s why we think mums are perfect for inspiring each other. We get things done. Think about it, though. There are ways and means of getting started. It could be that you have a long-held desire to return to a sport that you used to play. Or, instead of just watching your son or daughter play sport, why not organise a group activity session on the side-lines!

All it takes one person to get the ball rolling, why not you?

We can help and we can even put you on the pathway to achieving formal qualifications. From there the possibilities only end with your imagination. You give us the ideas, passion and energy and we’ll give you all the backing you need.

Join Mums’ Team today by emailing mumsteam@yorkshiresport.org or tweet @Mums_Team

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