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What We Do

Connect, Influence and Provide sport to make it an everyday part of people’s lives

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is a Lottery funded charity, supporting organisations across the nine districts of South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

We believe in the power of sport and physical activity to change people’s lives and tackle inequality.  Our vision is to create a vibrant, healthy and prosperous Yorkshire through sport, supporting the work of local, regional and national organisations.

Around 70% of our resources are focussed on 36 of our low-income communities identified for further support. More intensive work has continued in places like Burngreave where we are getting an insight into how a genuine “asset-based community development” approach can work.

You can read about what we do in our 2019-2020 Impact Report

CONNECT: We work with the District Activity Partnerships (DAPs) bringing together organisations and communities to plan and create the environment for better delivery.

  • Our Leading our Active Places events bring leaders together from across our area highlighting the collective efforts of everyone across all nine districts to provide the capability, opportunity and motivation for everyone to be active.
  • A greater focus on clubs and volunteers has been boosted with a successful bid for Sport England innovation funding for a Club Matters project, a national pilot project for club support

INFLUENCE: We promote the value and provision of activity among major decision making bodies in our area.

  • Our experienced and motivated staff work witch organisations across Yorkshire to ensure the benefits of activity considered at every stage of planning and delivery of services.
  • We support Primary Schools to make best use of the Primary School Sport Premium.
  • Our CEO chairs the think tank Policy Yorkshire’s Sport and Physical Activity group
  • Our Blogs and Podcasts bring together insight and wider thoughts about how we can make a lasting change

PROVIDE: Our charitable status and Sport England Lottery funding allows us to identify and fill gaps in provision across the nine districts.

  • Mums’ Team, part of the national ‘Reach’ Campaign encourages women to deliver activities in the community
  • We deliver the School Games county finals for thousands of young athletes and hundreds of volunteers.

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Our largest source of funding is Sport England.

Their Uniting the movement strategy launched in 2021 is a10-year vision to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity.

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