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We are Undefeatable campaign

We Are Undefeatable” is a movement supporting people with a range of long term health conditions, developed by 15 leading health and social care charities including Sport England. Our purpose is to support and encourage finding ways to be active that work with each person’s conditions, not against them.

Ten places that have been separately funded to deliver local activation of We Are Undefeatable: Blackpool, Bolsover, County Durham, Kirklees, Leeds, Liverpool, Mansfield, Sheffield, West Somerset and Wirral.

Being Undefeatable is understanding that how you feel can change from day-to-day, that everybody’s situation is unique, and that moving more when you can is just as important as accepting when you can’t. We believe that every achievement, no matter how small it might seem to someone else, is worth celebrating.



The campaign brings together partners who reach people living with: Arthritis, some long-term limiting mobility conditions, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Back pain, Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/Lung Condition, Dementia, Heart Disease, Stroke, hypertension (or other heart related condition), Long-term depression or anxiety, MS, Parkinson’s, Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Due to the nature of the campaign, we also hope to inspire those living with other conditions who can be more active, beyond those listed above. If you can’t find information related to your condition on the website or the campaign partner pages, consider visiting other charity websites relevant to your condition, your GP or where applicable, your specialist healthcare professional.
It is important to remember that everybody and how their condition affects them is different and finding the appropriate physical activity for you depends on your own personal circumstance.

How can I get involved with supporting the campaign? 

If you haven’t done so, please follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media accounts and subscribe to the campaign YouTube channel.

The campaign also provides a great opportunity to engage with other local organisations to discuss support of the campaign. Please contact your local Active Partnership if you’re not sure where to start.

Right now, there are lots of tools and resources to help you make the most of the campaign.

Register on our Supporters Hub to access:

• Campaign cast stories

• The We Are Undefeatable logo and other images from the campaign and supporting shots

• Social media assets (GIFs, 15-second video clips, quote images and a selection of imagery)

• Media moments (highlights of when TV adverts are shown, these are released a few days ahead of launch).

Our Brand Guidelines are also available to download and these can help with tone of voice, key messages and how to use the assets.

You’ll also find our Campaign FAQs and Campaign Insight Pack, which tells you more about the background of the campaign and other information.

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We want you to help us redefine what getting active looks like and support the next phase of the campaign by spreading the word about We Are Undefeatable.



We Are Undefeatable is a campaign led by 15 health and social care charities who have come together with National Lottery funding from Sport England to encourage people living with long term health conditions to find a way to be active that suits them.

The campaign is based on insight which shows that you are twice as likely to be inactive if you are living with a long-term health condition. But being active can contribute towards the management of over 20 chronic conditions. Taking part in physical activity can also reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions by up to 40% and can also delay the onset of, and reduce, the severity of long-term health conditions.

The campaign launched at the end of August 2019 with inspirational real-life experiences of people with long-term health conditions getting active despite the ups, downs and unpredictability of their condition. It included TV, radio and internet advertising.

District Priorities: 
To set out the evidence on the barriers for people with LTCs being physically active.

  • To test this both with people living with LTC’s in 3 distinct (and very different) Primary Care Network areas, and with the medical and care professionals who currently support them.
  • Based on the emerging findings, to agree and co-produce a suitable pilot intervention at a systemic level
  • To capture the success or otherwise of the pilot(s)
  • To provide a narrative of the whole process, including lessons learned, challenges faced and to explain our decision making rationale


Updated soon


We want to support evolving Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to create a meaningful and sustainable approach to Physical Activity that will ultimately increase the activity levels of local people living with Long Term Conditions.

We will be working closely with one test-bed PCN (Heeley Plus in Sheffield) to explore opportunities and create innovative solutions that meet identified needs.  This learning will then be shared so that other PCNs can access, adapt and implement in their local area.

We will do this by working closely with a range of stakeholders within the test-bed PCN to understand baseline attitudes and practices related to Physical Activity and explore opportunities and identify priorities where change is warranted and feasible. We will then use this insight to deliver co-produced solutions that have the potential to be sustained as ‘business as usual’ by PCNs.

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