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With our in-house Data and Insight Manager, and an array of insight tools/resources, we are able to assist with a wide variety of tasks ranging from desktop research and mapping to bespoke consultation work and evaluative reports.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our resources page then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Data and Insight Manager,  Geraldine Gosling (who is covering maternity for Emma Gooch) for more information.

Openactive Activity Data

Do you want more people to enjoy your activities? 

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is committed to opening activity data, so it’s as easy to find and book a dance class as a hotel room.

We are part of the Openactive programme to support people working with data to transform the sport and physical activity sector across the country.


October 2022:  An insight report on the Creating Active Schools (CAS) framework has been published to look at how to get children active before, during and beyond the school day. The report looks into the challenges and motivations around using physical activity as a driver for whole school improvement. Read more

July 2022:  The’Make Space for Us’ report, commissioned by Yorkshire Sport Foundation and supported by Women in Sport, surveyed 13–15-year-old girls and boys about how they use parks. It was instigated by the charity, ‘Make Space for Girls’, who identified that teenage facilities in UK parks tend to be dominated by boys and young men, and underused by teenage girls and young women. Read the report.


Research in progress:

Insight Data and Learning

YSF are pleased to launch our Insight Data Partnership product to turn the data you have into reports that show the impact you are having and make the case for more investment.

It brings together intelligence from local participation visits to give you an increased level of insight into the physical activity levels on a local and countywide level.

We have also rolling out our Learning Bank solution to sharing the best learning in your organisation:


A series of the best tools to find data about getting people active from Sport England’s Active Lives survey to health and disability data.

Research and evaluation tendering opportunities

We often tender out for external research, click here to find out more.

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