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Learning Bank

As part of our Learning and Performance System we have built the Learning Bank, a way to share resources and learning in your team.

This Learning Bank tool is a interactive platform that allows the user to add different pieces of learning, evaluation and resources around projects, programmes and systems. This learning bank is white labelled for your own branding and available to support their learning approach.

Insight Data

YSF are pleased to launch our Insight Data Partnership to turn the data you have into reports that show the impact you are having and make the case for more investment.

It brings together intelligence from local participation visits to give you an increased level of insight into the physical activity levels on a local and countywide level.

We built the Insight Data solution after working with Sheffield United Community Foundation to help them show the good work they are doing.


Insight Data will give you four bespoke reports a year based on your data using:

  • mapping software
  • 4Global’s Data Hub
  • social value
  • mosaic segmentation
  • geoimpacts
  • and other data sets that show your work off to its best advantage.

We will work with you as each report comes with pre and post-publishing meetings so your report is created to get the right message to the right audience

YSF’s Insight Data team will not have access to any individual personal data, we use aggregated or anonymised data and have service level agreements with ourselves and 4Global for data security.

If your organisation is keen to demonstrate the impact they are making through using DataHub, some of the benefits are.

It specifically allows clubs and organisations to:

  • See who is currently participating (who they are and where they are from)
  • Target programmes to priority groups
  • Help develop and target marketing campaigns (through mosaic segmentation)
  • Demonstrate social value (around physical and mental wellbeing, crime and education)
  • Assess relevant sector benchmarking and outcomes that might help your organisation in making a case for funding
  • Assess live data feed to enable you to ensure services remain effective and targeted.

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can link through to DataHub, please complete the expression of interest form.

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