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YSF Evaluation – Tender Process


Make Space for Us

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is seeking an external researcher to support its understanding of the use of parks and green spaces among teenage girls in our defined areas. There will be up to four parks/ green spaces chosen for this work.

Specifically, this will involve working alongside YSF and project partners to deliver against the project’s outcomes. The overall project outcomes are listed below:
• Understand the problem around park and green space use (is there an issue in our area)
• Understand the need for youth voice and consultation
• The recommendations around building better green space for target audience
• Process learning around building better green spaces for target audience

Successful applicants will be expected to show they meet the criteria.

For more information, download the tender document.

Deadline for questions: Wednesday 18 August 2021, 5pm
Deadline for receipt of tender proposals: Applications closed Tuesday 31 August 2021, 10am
Interviews: Monday 6 September 2021


1. Is there a word or page limit for the bid?

No there is no word limit but please keep applications as succinct as possible and appropriate to the £20k limit on the tender.

2. What is meant by ‘proposed service levels’ (p3) and ‘required service levels’ (p5 Q3)? Do you want to see a standard SLA we use?

The required service level agreements are the requirements of the evaluation under section 2: specification, plus legal requirements in the tender checklist on the website . The proposed service level agreements are anything you might add to your submission that differs from the requirements.

3. What is meant by our ‘reporting structure’ p5 Q4

Your reporting structure is how you plan to report the data back to us, you can send an example of a report you have done before if that helps demonstrate this.

4. P6 refers to enclosed documents and appendices – are there any?

The enclosed documentation is just the tender document, the only appendices to this document is the tender checklists on the website.

5. Do they know which parks and local authorities yet? Do you know what the process will be for selecting parks? Will this be in advance of the work or is this something we can do together in the outcomes workshop.

There will be four parks selected across the local authorities stated within the tender, these are under discussion with those local authorities at the moment and will be confirmed when the contract date starts for this work.

6. Do they have partners/contacts/groups who can help engage girls who use and don’t use the parks and might be recruited for the research? Will YSF assist/lead the recruitment of local teenage girls to the project or will this be our responsibility?

We can support the recruitment of teenage girls to take part in this research through our partners, but would expect this to be a joint effort with the appointed researchers.

7. Are remote only face to face methods OK?

We would prefer actual face to face methods where possible but remote face to face methods will be considered for interviews and focus groups but we would expect researchers to at least visit each park. A mixed face to face and remote approach will also be considered. This may obviously change depending on COVID guidelines.

8. Is the intention for the wider questionnaire to capture insight at a local (e.g. across a town or city) level, or do YSF want insight at a regional or national level?

The wider questionnaire will still focus mainly on the four park areas and adjacent communities but will capture wider thoughts from more participants than the focus groups or interviews. The wider questionnaire would also be for teenage girls.

9. What would be the earliest date that we could complete the outcomes workshop with YSF and its partners?

We will complete the outcomes workshop as soon as is possible with the researchers and will take into account the requirements of their organisations in terms of any ethics procedures.

10. Please can you confirm your definition age of teenage girls? Do you have an age group that you are particularly interested in?

13-19 is the age group that we would consider as teenage girls. Within this age group there is no specific focus on any of the ages.

11. The outcomes workshop: is this to develop a Theory of Change for the four parks, or to discuss the outcomes of the research?

A bit of both really. We are looking to define the outcomes and how we are going to conduct the research as a whole and then a theory of change for each park would also be useful to think about.


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