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Students and graduates

Advantage:YOU gives University students (level 5 & above) and recent graduates an opportunity to get hands on experience.

The Advantage:YOU experience is different from many other voluntary work experience opportunities because:

  • The application process is real – an application form and interviews for the shortlisted candidates
  • The six-month period allows you to build relationships, get an understanding of the the industry and, importantly, gain contacts in the industry.
  • Each Development Assistant has a work plan to lead on, using their own initiative, knowledge, skills & experience
  • We provide training, development workshops and employability support, helping you get the first step on the ladder
  • Every Development Assistant will be assigned a mentor who will support you throughout
  • It is flexible around your studies – one day per week can be split in to two half days
How will it help me?

Advantage:YOU will:

  • Give you invaluable experience. By delivering your own work plan this will give you a taste of what life in the Sports Development industry is like.
  • Give you the opportunity to work alongside and network with professionals in the sector.
  • Develop your skills, knowledge and experience as you progress through the programme, through our training, one-to-one mentoring and development days.

Apply now:

Sport Development Assistant role description and application form

Communications Assistant role description and application form

Expressions of interest Development Assistants: October 12 2018
Development Assistant interviews: October 23 / 24 2018
Development Assistant inductions: October 31 2018
Induction and training: Week commencing Monday 5 November 2018
Work plan delivery completes: April 2019

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